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Erongo Mountain Winery

Erongo Mountain Winery is situated along the Omaruru river at 1200m above sea level and surrounded by the beautiful rugged mountains of the Erongo region (Namibia). This trailblazing and innovative boutique winery is pioneering the Namibian wine industry, carving out its legacy in the arid dry granite rock.


Introducing Our Latest Additions

We are proud to announce that we have recently added three new products to our collection. ‘Ohamba‘ a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc blend, ‘The Jewel of Namibia‘ a Spirit from Wine-distillate and the Namibian Apéritif ‘Gravino‘, a Spirit infused Wine. In-stock soon.

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Etosha Blend was the highlight of my night tonight! Absolutely Yum! Next time I’ll be buying a case!

Lara, Collinson

Attended a tasting this evening and have to admit that these locally produced wines from Omaruru surpassed my expectations by far! Well done Erongo Mountain Winery!

Heidi, de Campos
Spitze eure Weine, richtig Klasse. Habe mir leider nur 2 Stück mitnehmen können, den Kiss und Etosha. Richtig guuut. Irgendwann besuche ich euch!
Klaus, Bussmann